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U9 Information

The U9 (formerly Grand Slam) baseball program is for boys and girls aged 8-9.

The regular season begins the first week of May and runs until the end of June.  

  • Monday and Wednesday game schedule, or a Tuesday and Thursday game schedule are available.
  • Any additional practices are at the discretion of the individual team coach(es).  
  • A glove and helmet is all that is required.
  • Players are provided with a jersey and ball cap, and the team is provided with ball equipment. 

Small teams, big fun

The Grand Slam program was introduced into Boni-Vital Minor Baseball last year, and follows the guidelines established by Baseball Canada.  The goal is to provide the players with an active environment that is focussed on baseball skill development (hitting, running, catching, throwing, and general baseball knowledge) and most importantly, FUN.  The teams are small, ideally 6 players per team, in order to maximize the involvement of each player. 

Game time!

Game length is established by time, not by innings, with 60 minutes set as the guideline.  The premise of the game is the same, however, the rules are somewhat modified in the Grand Slam format.  

  • One team is at-bat, one team takes the field.  
  • A pitching machine is utilized and a coach is responsible for running the same.  If the batter “strikes out” with the machine, the coach then pitches to the batter until they put the ball into play.  
  • The defensive team fields according to the standard rules of baseball.  If the batter (or baserunner) is “out”, they return to the bench as per usual.  
  • The “3 outs” rule is not enforced – all members of the team hit during their team’s at-bat.  
  • Once all players have hit, the teams switch and play the other half of the inning. 

Experience has shown that in one hour, the teams will play anywhere from a 3-5 inning game.  

The Grand Slam program provides a great framework for all players to be experience baseball, improve their skills, and learn the nuances of the game.  Most importantly, they are active and engaged. 

You are important

The success of the program has been due to parents who have volunteered to coach and co-coach.  Small teams have great benefits for the kids, but result in more teams which means a greater requirement for coaches.  Please consider coaching your child in baseball this year.  You do not require an extensive knowledge of the game to coach the kids.  

The Grand Slam program is structured for the players, coaches and parents to learn and enjoy themselves.  Practice plans, drills, and activities, are provided for you and are very easy to follow.

Friend requests are welcomed, and will be facilitated if at all possible.