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Skating Programs


Spring Session: 
Tuesdays: April 16- June 18, 2024
Wednesdays (8 Weeks): April 17- June 5, 2024


Southdale Learn To Skate

$100 for Tuesday Spring 10 week session (30 min classes) + $15 Laker Fee (Non-Refundable).  

$80 for Wednesday Spring 8 week session (30 min classes) + $15 Laker Fee (Non-Refundable).  

Must watch lesson from stands inside rink or inside lobby only.  No viewing from gate or along rink glass.  Participant only on ice, no parent participation.  Required to wear CSA approved helmet with cage, ice skates and freshly washed gloves on ice (winter style gloves.) 


Wednesday Daytime Classes (8 Weeks): 

Preschool Level (born 2019-21): Children ages 3-5. are instructed in basic skating skills using games, fun and interaction. Must be 3 years old to participate. Child only participation. (Wednesday 12:30pm-1:00pm)

Kinderhockey (born 2019-21): Children ages 3-5. Children can get on the ice and play just for fun. Skating development, games and fun. Instructor led. Children must have some previous skating. Must be able to stand and move on their own. Skates, Helmet and stick required. (Wednesday 1:15-2:00pm)

Tuesday Evening Classes:

Preschool Level 1 (born 2019-21): Children ages 3-5. are instructed in basic skating skills using games, fun and interaction. Must be 3 years old to participate. Child only participation. (Tuesday 4:15-4:45pm)

Preschool Level 2 (born 2019-21): Children ages 3-5. Must have passed preschool 1. Children will continue to work on the basics of skating and developing balance, strength and ability on the ice. Focus on fun through skating. (Tuesday 4:45-5:15pm)

Skating Foundations Level 1 (2019+): Children aged 5+.  For the new skater to learn fundamentals including standing up, stopping, balance & forward skating.  Child-only participation (no guardian on ice.)  (Tuesday 4:15-4:45pm or 4:45-5:15pm)

Skating Foundations Level 2 (2019+): Children aged 5+. Continues to work on the basics while introducing new skills.  Must have passed Foundations 1.  (Tuesday 4:45-5:15pm or 5:15-5:45pm)

Skating Foundations Levels 3-4: Skill progression while introducing new elements. Must have passed Foundations 2. (Tuesday 5:15-5:45pm)

Skating Foundations Level 5: Skill progression including new turns, transitions, speed and agility.  Must have passed Foundations 4. (Tuesday 5:45-6:15pm)

Adult/Teen Learn to Skate (2011+): For those that would like to learn the basics of skating that didn’t have a chance when they were younger!  No experience necessary – skates and gloves required. (Tuesday 5:15-5:45pm)

Intro Power Skating (born 2016 or older).  Children ages 8+  must have skating experience. Non-sport participants (hockey/ringette) must have passed foundations level 2. This class is not a learn to skate class. It is a power skating class. Skates, helmet, stick required. (Tuesday 5:45-6:15pm)

Our coaches offer direction addressing the development of foundation skills in skating to enhance Hockey, Ringette and other skating pursuits.  Coaches have experience working with athletes from a grassroot level to Canada Games participants to college to professional athletes.  Our aim is to help each individual excel by working on weaknesses and building on strengths. 

Requirements for each program must be adhered to when registering for a skating class.

  • Class time is on your receipt: Please review prior to first class. There will be no time change following registration. You are only allowed on your ice times.
  • All age limits are to be followed. No exceptions when registering.
  • If skaters need to move to a different class, coaches will determine and move them.
  • Instructors will not be communicating with parents during class time.
  • Parent is required to watch from stands or inside lobby, not at the glass.
  • You are required to supply your own equipment.
  • No parent will enter the ice surface or player boxes, all classes are instructor-led with skaters only.
  • Parents are not to yell or instruct children from the sidelines during program or they will be asked to leave.

Remember all skaters develop in their own way. We support all skater’s abilities and will encourage them to learn, grow and love to skate.

Class sizes are limited (Times subject to change)