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After board review, BINGO will not be returning to Southdale CC in Fall 2023. We thank the Constant family and friends for their years of dedication to Southdale Community Centre BINGO

Location & Hours

254 Lakewood Blvd.
Held every Wednesday Night

Doors open 5:45 p.m.
Early birds start at 7:00 p.m.
Regular games 7:30 p.m.


Run by the Constant family since 1987
Angela: Front door
Jennifer: Front door and checker
Paul: Chase The Ace seller
Ed: Bingo chairman.

Some interesting facts about Southdale Community Club Bingo

Since 1992, Southdale Community Club has turned over to the Christmas Cheer Board of Winnipeg over $ 100,000.00.

Our main hall has seating for 200 people

We have a well stocked canteen offering coffee, pop, snacks, as well as hot items such as hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken fingers, french fries and popcorn.

Another interesting fact about Southdale Community Club Bingo is our frequency card, available absolutely at no charge. Get a card and have it stamped every time you come to Bingo. After 20 stamps have been accumulated, turn it in for a Christmas Bingo ticket. Christmas Bingo admission is limited to ticket holders only. Your completed card goes into our weekly draw drum for a two draws of $10.00 cash. No limitation to the number of times you can win. Our Christmas Bingo is said to be one of the best in Winnipeg. Everybody goes home with something that night.

How do you get to Southdale Community Club Bingo

If you’re coming from downtown Winnipeg via St. Mary’s Rd. or St. Anne’s Rd., follow these streets to #1 Highway East. Follow the Highway till you come to Lakewood Blvd., turn right (Walmart shopping mall). 3 stop signs till you come to J.H. Bruns Collegiate. We’re located behind the Collegiate; ample parking for over 200 cars. Community Club is wheelchair accessible, and the hall is air conditioned. The address is 254 Lakewood Blvd.

Hope to see you at our Bingo one of these Wednesdays. Come and have a good time.

Good Luck!!!

Remember that: Every Wednesday is Bingo Night at Southdale Community Club!!!


  1. No one under the age of 18 (eighteen) can enter the hall or play Bingo.
  2. To play specials, a regular game book must be purchased.
  3. House reserves the right to cancel in bad weather.
  4. House reserves the right to refuse admission.
  5. Players are responsible to check books before start of play.
  6. Books, cards, or bundles can not be cut, sheared or altered.
  7. Minimum prize split on regular games is $5.00.
  8. Prizes may be paid by cheque.
  9. Progressive games may be won in any order.
  10. No paper will be sold after intermission.
  11. Players must call Bingo loud enough to stop play, and raise their hand.
  12. The Bingo and Bonanza boards are provided as courtesy only. Verification of winning Bingo’s is determined by the actual numbers drawn.
  13. Books must be marked by dabber or pen. Numbers must be legible.
  14. Workers may play Bingo, except callers.
  15. Once all Bingo’s have been checked, the caller must ask clearly if there are any more Bingo’s. If none, the game shall be declared closed.
  16. No one under the age of 18 (eighteen) is allowed to purchase or sell break open tickets.
  17. Break opens must be cashed in during the event where purchased.
  18. When Bingo is called, no further numbers are called. (If the caller has the ball in his/her hand, and Bingo is called, that number is not called, pending confirmation of Bingo, even if the caller has stated the letter part of the ball – i.e. “under the B”, the number part is not called.)
  19. Loonie game payout is 75%, and will accumulate if not won. Players must Bingo on loonie number. Loonie number must be part of game being played. Loonie game applies only to regular game book. All numbers eligible to be drawn, if more than one winner, loonie pot is shared equally.
  20. Loonie number will be drawn prior to start of regular games. If a player Bingo’s on that number, he/she will receive the prize for that game as well as the determined accumulated loonie prize. Prize to be paid only once on the loonie number per event. Product 123 – 3 to View (Pink). Selling price is $1.00. Those purchasing loonie pot game will have their 10 page regular game books stamped.
  21. Mini loonie played in conjunction with 6 to View aqua sheet Night Owl game. Mini loonie numbers to be picked in Full House Game. First B-I-N-G-O numbers picked. Numbers will be posted. Payout is 25%, and will accumulate if not won. Player must Bingo on one of the posted Mini loonie numbers to win. Mini loonie numbers must be part of game being played. If more than one winner, Mini loonie pot is shared equally. Prize to be paid only once on the Mini loonie number per event.
  22. Shared Bonanza Rules are as follows:
    First 46 numbers must be called
    Winning Bonanza will not be paid until completely verified
    Jackpot to be paid by cheque only
    Jackpot starts at $300.00 plus 50% of event sales
    Jackpot paid only if full card is covered in 51 numbers or less. Consolation $200.00

License #: 808 bibo